And… Because designers always loves Cats… Here is a short movie I’ve created about mine, the proud French cat: Gaufrette.


I like videos. I like movies. Macintosh and Apple are my best friends to help me adding my 2 cents…

iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects are also a bunch of pals. I try to remember that softwares are just a way to create, they are just tools; what is important is to get ideas.

Yes, dreams are made of these…


French interview, well, a sort of…

It’s about the misunderstanding between the “candidates” and the recruiters in creative fields. Anyway, who is creative? What is creative? What IS creativity?

Finally, isn’it a question of feeling?

After all?

Let’s talk about me! from Didier LAHELY on Vimeo.

I’m Didier LAHELY, a French creative in advertising, branding, graphics and strategy. This is just a funny clip to make a little promotion, to get hired by the best Because I worth it ; )

La Forêt from Didier LAHELY on Vimeo.

Beauty is everywhere, even in a poor branch of tree. Beware of the voices you can hear in the forest…


THICKET, iPad/iphone App. from Didier LAHELY on Vimeo.

Entertainment application from INTERVAL STUDIOS.
Top 10 Generative Art & Sound list from Apple.

Just me discovering, playing, testing, reviewing, listening, watching, enjoying.


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