About Didier LAHELY

| As an in-house Creative Director, my purpose is to ensure the highest possible success of projects in supporting the company's objectives. Internal and external communications. For advertising agencies or in-House, | By directing and producing strong work on Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Final Cut Pro, Motion, GarageBand, After Effects etc..... | By my mastery of visual exploration, organization and production | By my bottomless passion for exciting design and functionality online as web mobile markets... | My awareness of trends, online branding, viral campaign, new medias | My strong attention to accuracy and detail and my ability to manage a team.


[ Definitely not for epillectique people.]I wanted to have the maximum colors excitement for my eyes and I found out that the “music” of Ryoji Ikeda was sublime to go with. And provided also an “orgy” or noises as orgy of colours.

How it Was MADE:

1. iTunes music with Animations on
2. iPhone 6 with the app “Lapse It”
3. Let the music of iTunes play your sounds with Animations playing too for an hour, and record a picture of your PC screen each 4 Sec4. Go Back to LAPSE IT and make your settings.
5. Find a music suitable.
6. Tadaaaaa!


via EYEGASM Vs EARGASM on Vimeo.