Rapport financier AGEFOS

Ideation and creation of a financial report for Agefos, (Main Job training structure in France)

The main point to create such work is to be readable. It may sounds strange but it isn’t. Some designer may be tempted to create fancy graphics to illustrate or to design it but we have to be careful to the most important thing which is the TARGET. People who will actually read this report are not really “geek-design” oriented.

They want to access the infos quick, clearly. But of course we won’t do a boring report like a Powerpoint one… : )

I have chosen for this case a subbtle design, easy to read but at the same time a bit “creative”.


Make-Up Agency logotype

Make-Up Agency logotype

One of my talented friend asked me to create a logotype for her make-up agency.

This time it was a combination between font/type and graphics, with a strong black type and red lips to summarize the make-up activity.

The half of the photo represent make-up “pallets” with gradients using different tones of red colors.

The Zoho Notebook

What a Tool!

ZOHO Notebook is definitely a good idea to share your contents on the web. It’s almost a website building service if you know how to manage all your stuff and a bit of knowledge (Embedded codes, Url, Rss links etc.).

You can build how many Notebooks you want. Showing your portfolio as a designer and be able to share it with collaborators or contacts is a great possibility for example, working on the same document is another one; well, it depends really on your ability to find ideas that suits your needs. But the tools are there. Waiting for your imagination…

ZOHO Notebook (Click to see it LARGE)

Check one of mine:

Didier LAHELY • Creative Director • Graphics – Zoho Notebook.

HongKong Spin • Artistic Direction, Recommandation

Few times ago I helped my friend Nigel, architect, to brand his project about the HK Spin.
That project included the realization  of the Logotype, the artistic direction of the Press Kit Brochure and the little Website.

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