Why you should or should not hire me…













•You should HIRE me if…

  • you are looking for someone who is talented and a quick learner.
  • you are in need of a technical minded person.
  • you appreciate ideas and creativeness as much as you appreciate quality work.
  • you want a person you can trust to get a job done – someone you don’t have to watch every minute.
  • you want an employee who cares about his work and what it represents to the firm.
  • you are looking to grow a quality team with more quality people.
  • you believe teamwork is only as good as the individual contributions of the team members.
  • your company is a steady or growing company with good ideas and decent potential.
  • you believe that your clients’ needs are best met by quality people.

If this sounds like you, then give me a call right away.
Maybe I’ll even work for you for free.
Okay, probably not, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask! However

•You should NOT hire me if…

  • you need a person to “rescue” your department from years of turmoil.
  • you need someone who you can dump on emotionally (I’m a good listener – but not that good).
  • you are suspicious of anything you don’t understand.
  • you hate the Dilbert comic strip. (Lighten up!)
  • you are overly protective of your job and play a lot of politics.
  • you come to work to socialize and make friends more than you do to work.
  • you like to blame new employees for your’s or other’s errors.
  • you think “blogs” and “web 2.0? are recipes for trouble.
  • you believe a 17? monitor from 1985 and a dirty ball mouse is “good enough”. (yikes!)
  • you like to tell the “new guy” all your family shenanigans. (I don’t reciprocate – sorry!)
  • you like to get everyone’s attention about every 30 minutes to talk about a “crisis”.
  • you think a bubble test will tell you everything you need to know about me.

If this sounds more like you or your company, save you and me both the trouble. We’ll both be better off in the long run.

If you are totally torn and don’t know what to do, you can always read my blog. If it totally outrages you, let’s not even do that interview thing. If you find it odd or quirky, that’s cool. If you love it, I might worry about you, but I’m sure we’ll be friends eventually. Maybe. At least good co-workers!

• CURRENTLY •currently looking for a job in Advertising agencies, or in a large group (Communications in-house) .

Where it’s important to manage and enhance branding communications. I am a talented multi-skilled creative, so you may need me to create a new advertising campaign, to refurbish and boost your image, to help you to start a business project… 12 years of experience will bring you my proven creativity and my experience in any printed support of communications (magazine, brochure, poster, banner….). I’m also a specialist of new printed material and new web technologies (mobile branding, blogging…).

As a  consultant , I may also work on your projects at distance or in-house for a predefined time.

Check out all my portfolios here and there…



A talented creative and branding strategist with 12 years of experience covering advertising, communications, projects management, Motion Graphics and graphic design.

•   Global communication and management of teams and projects
•   Leading consultancy assignments
•   Strength in making proposals and giving advice
•   Strategic recommendations, definition of budgets, planning
•   Contribution to business development
•   Securing commercial relationships and clientele satisfaction
•   Analysis and management of institutional budget and deployment of projects
•   Good working knowledge of French markets/French Design touch

Architecture | Interior design | Luxury | Clothing | Publishing | Media | Advertising| Public Relations | Marketing Service


>• Inject new and FRESH ideas in branding strategy;

>• Manage all communication projects / advertising initiatives with outside Media, Agencies and Suppliers;
>• Lead and build a team of multi-faceted creatives with diverse interest in latest trends
>• Share ideas with management and be entrusted with the development and full responsibility of the team

>• Industry:
Architecture/Interior design/Luxury/Clothing/Publishing/Media/Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing Services


    Sep 2007 – Present • Freelance – Creative Direction – Artistic Direction

  • AEDAS (link)
  • HONG KONG • Sep 2006 – Jun 2007 • Artistic Director •
4th architecture company in the world, (source: BD World Architecture) AEDAS is well known for its cutting edge designs  in  a  diverse  range  of  markets  sectors including civic, commercial, education, healthcare, hotel, integrated casino & resort, residential, retail, museum, pharmaceuticals and transport. AEDAS now employs over 1,700 highly qualified architectural staff in 25 offices across 4 continents including Europe, Asia, North & South America.Reported to the Chairman; responsible for a team of 1 design manager and 3 designers in Hong Kong office.
My mission was to transform the Graphics Team into a business unit with a target to become an
advertising agency/branding consultant as a company of Aedas.  Synergy was created through proposing concepts on brand creation, marketing and communications to international clients of Aedas as well as to other external clients. Clients worked with included international banks, hotels, property developers, and charitable organizations.

Prior to becoming a business unit, the Graphics Team under my supervision was in charge of all communication supports of the Hong Kong Headquarters.  The team worked closely with the architects and Communications on sponsored and international events and exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
I attracted important clients in Real Estates in India, Dubai, China and Hong Kong. The first quotations was for an amount of HK$900,000.


    HONG KONG – Apr 2006 – Jun 2006 • Artistic Director •

Majestic Furniture & Interior Design Limited targets on Hong Kong and Canton province. They target not only the residential customers, but also commercial customers, such as retail shops and offices. As used to perform professional technology, Majestic were producing showflats and providing furniture packages as joint promotion with over 80% of Hong Kong main property developers.

Reported to the CEO; responsible of a staff of 8 designers.

  • To manage the Design Department of eight staff in interior design and graphic design;
  • To oversee the design for the company, the setup of its showrooms, and the show flats of the land developers;
  • To develop an international image for the group of companies;
  • To manage all the marketing projects, development of the websites, events such as exhibitions, marketing promotion through any media (newspaper, magazine, commercials etc.)

    France • Jun 2004 – Aug 2004 • Communications Director •

Exotic furnish chain with 25 branded stores and approximately 1,000 employees all over France.  Sold products include furnishing from Asia, Africa and Indonesia.

Reported to the CEO.

In charge of internal / external communications of the group;
To develop a strategy of communication for the 25 branded stores;
Made recommendations on shop interior decoration/design and organized shop openings.

    France • Dec 2002 – Mar 2004 • Artistic Director •

An advertising agency based in the south of France with an annual turnover between 5M – 10M Euros.  Clients were from all sectors including cosmetics, services, governmental institutions, trade institutions, farm produce and wine growing industry.

Reported to the CEO.
Reason for leaving: Company went bankrupt because clients failed to pay.

Since my appointment, I gained loyalty from several accounts and secured new accounts in various sectors.  Accounts included Mairie de La Brède, Group Panther (International Brand), Institut Arnaud, Jean-Claude Biguine, Cottage, Bonzaï Hotels, Kargo-Brico-Lots (1-2M euros budget/year), Sitoflor, Wynn’s, B3e, Alliance Bordeaux…

    France • Aug 1998 – Nov 2002 • CEO, Creative Director •

An advertising and web design agency created by myself and was highly complimented on its quality of care and individuality by the craftsmen, SMEs and Large Accounts.

The Internet creation sites benefited from media coverage, thanks to our “upmarket” positioning.  As a result we proceeded to the TV channel M6 Bordeaux and received a feature/an article in the daily “Sud-Ouest” in Bordeaux.

Our site was nominated for Publissimes 2000 (a competition organized locally by ESC “Ecole Supérieure de Commerce” of BORDEAUX to reward the best advertising companies in all media categories), and we had more than 20,000 connections within the first month of existence. We also  had an excellent review on; where it was the site of the week.

Between 700,000-900,000 Euros of revenue was generated during the fourth year of operation.

Permanent staff of 2 associates + freelance staff for occasional projects.
Reason for termination: Incredible amount of taxes in France

Accounts secured included institutional, B2B, law firms, professional guides/reviews, cosmetics-beauty-fashion international companies and other corporations.  Because of our creativity, we gained loyalty of companies such as subsidiaries of IBM and Mediamétrie (the biggest company in audience rating-Paris Inter-professional audience measurement and survey company].



Remember, softwares are just tools… Important is creativity…

  • Macintosh and/or Windows +++++
  • QuarkXPress +++++
  • InDesign +++++
  • Illustrator +++++
  • Photoshop +++++
  • Final Cut Pro +++++
  • Motion +++++
  • Office (Word, Excel…) +++++
  • Internet (blogs…) +++++
  • After Effects +++++
  • Acrobat Pro +++++


  • French: mother tongue +++++
  • English: yes, with French accent ; ) +++++
  • Spanish: si +++++


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