Dear recruiters, I think there is a (slight) misunderstanding…

Dear recruiter, headhunter, HR,

I’d like you to help me to understand how you work…

  • …as I don’t understand:  why, despite companies and clients say I’m very creative, I can’t manage to have any appointments in your offices and meet any clients?

  • Why when I finally got one that it’s only “one shot”? (means I was enough good for ONE company but not for any others?)
    Why sometimes the recruiter interviewing me doesn’t understand what exactly my job is? (“oh you are a multimedia designer?”)
  • I have some questions to ask you and it will be great if you could answer!

Please download and see the file here: PDF file .

Because, WE, candidates, (just) want to understand…


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3 thoughts on “Dear recruiters, I think there is a (slight) misunderstanding…

  1. A recruiter in Hong Kong
    Hi Didier,

    An interesting questionnaire and certainly a good way to keep yourself on recruiter’s radar. I’m sorry that you haven’t yet been successful in securing a role and the whole job hunting experience is proving very disappointing for you. I used to recruit a lot of ‘digital’ talent and it’s still an area that I have a lot of affinity for. Unfortunately the market in HK is very small and relatively immature. That is why many recruiters here possibly misunderstand your profile.

    My only advice to you is to seek out specialist recruiters who have knowledge of your area and have the appropriate contacts. You may struggle to find such individuals in HK, but I’d be surprised if that was true in France (I saw your questionnaire was addressed to recruiters in both locations).

    I hope your efforts will soon be rewarded.

    Friday, April 10, 2009 – 03:31 AM

  2. A Headhunter in Hong Kong
    Headhunter says:

    Looking at all the points made on this discussion paper, i would say they are based on candidates having very bad experiences with agencies as this is basic 101 recruitment. Candidates should choose carefully which agencies they want to work with, establish a relationship and get close to the agency contact.

    CV’s would only be sent in response to advertising or aon a speculative basis. A head hunt targets people who have been identified as applicable candidates for a retained search. So there should be no need to follow up if it was a head hunt as the agency would want the candidate more so often than the other way around. In the case of advertised recruitment, then once again, it is a sign of an unproffesional agency if they do not reply

    I have worked as a head huunter in Europe, australia and Hong Kong and find that local expectations and methods of operating vary substantially. Personally, I believe that a response of any kind is essential but in some markets such as Hong Kong it just does not happen that way. Even a rejection, in my opinion is better than being ignored.

    Friday, April 10, 2009 – 03:34 AM

  3. PR in Hong Kong
    Wow, Very creative Didier,

    We see you are very creative, Didier, although I am not sure that is the point to prove, as you have always been, as you are indeed.
    You have always been creative in your communication and ‘Walk the talk’ and ‘talk the walk’ is usually very powerful. It means self-alignment. And then law of attraction ‘should’ work.
    What is untrue about all this?

    We understand that you struggle and you don’t understand why. I hesitate between: you are provocative or desperate and possibly angry. Although I understand your feelings so well and am very compassionate about it, is that what you want to say? Is this what would help a recruiter/headhunters to propose your profile to companies?

    I would say very heartfully that you are creative but not in your approach to job search, not in your relationship with recruiters ->Who are they (not creative for sure), what do they want (‘formally’ match their client needs with a secure and in the box proposal), what would they want from you that would be most valuable for their clients (…)?
    Don’t you have a frigthening personality or profile for them?

    I understand that you are hitting the wall for a while and still keep on trying the same way and still keep on hitting the same wall. If you want a different outcome, take a different approach and path.

    A few question
    What are you looking for, acknowledgement on your creativity or a job?
    What is being Creative, a quality, a different approach to things or a job?
    Who is the brand/marketing specialist who should be able to put himself in the shoes of the one he talks to (his market: final potential employer -or recruiters?)
    Aren’t you exceptional enough to have an exceptional approach to people able to appreciate/value your talents and able to need them.
    How could your proactivity and creativity serve your job search?

    Let’s try something:
    you are a fly (with big eyes) on the ceiling and you observe Didier and his contacts / jobsearch, and the corporate/business/professional (choose your word) world
    (take full time for visualising and observing)

    One last question to go back to your email:
    And when you ask questions to recruiter, headhunter and when you’d like them to help you to understand how they work, then what happens?

    Friday, April 10, 2009 – 03:39 AM

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