I really enjoy this new app from PIXITE. It's called Matter.
But that's not finished, they also provide other neat amazing apps like FRAGMENT, UNION, LORYSTIPES, TANGENT etc. STUNNING. You can of course COMBINE all of it, and play, it's almost infinite.
The Best with Matter is the possibility to render a video about your creation!

#Matterapp from Didier LAHELY on Vimeo.

Hong Kong, The Peak

Hong Kong, originally uploaded by 10dier.

9,099 views on Flickr, I’m quite happy about it, for an amateur photographer : )
Cuz this Spot is very well-known in HK, so you have to really find a surprising original angle.
: ))

Via Flickr:
Hong Kong from The Peak
Saturday 17 December 2005 – 5 PM