One of the moments I love in my JOb. One of the reason I do this job.
First you have to find a concept. You become the project, you feel it; you imagine what could do the maximum impact to the target.
You want the people to remember this project, you want your client to feel the wow effect.
Then you start to work, collecting ideas, briefing, imagining, playing, remembering all the technics of printing, the papers, the inks, according to your idea, within the budget. You submit it, you defend your idea, you partner with the printer.
You come early this special day where everything starts, you pray, you follow all the process of the printing, you pray, you smell the inks, you touch the samples.

Then your baby comes.

It is the most wonderful project you ever done.

… Until next one… ; )



Supporting Japan

I’m a French creative in branding living in #France, it’s my second time in Japan.
I arrived 1st March in Tokyo, to reach my final destination: #Oita (by #Fukuoka).

My first time few years ago was to visit #Tokyo, this time I would like to see more “traditional” Japan.
Far to imagine I will be in the place with #earthquake #地震 #tsunami #津波 に負けるな and #nuclear disaster…

Fortunately for me, Oita is in South of Japan and I didn’t even feel any earthquake myself. However, I feel and I felt so deeply sorry for all the Japanese people who died or lost their beloved ones…

I don’t really care of my personal case; I strongly believe in fate… So anything can happen anywhere basically. Of course I don’t think 1 second of blaming anyone or any country for any disaster, what should happen, happen.

I don’t pretend to understand strong Japanese culture and habits in few weeks, but I was touched by the way that people reacted here, all with dignity, calm, courageously. Certainly the culture or behavior played a strong role here.

I should normally go back in France around 22/26 March if planes are available… That will be just an “au revoir”, I will certainly come back in Japan later. As Japan will rise again.

No doubt on it.

My only regrets are to don’t be as “fortunate” as Rupert #Murdoch or Steve #Jobs or some prince in United Arab Emirates… ; ) and to help with a maximum of money. What can I do myself to help? I feel useless, helpless…

My “only” support will be to return to Japan and to consume/buy products as a tourist…