The voice of Tom Hanks.

I will always remember this scene in my life. Not because of the film, but because of the moment I was living at during I was listening of the magic voice of Tom Hanks, at the end of The Da Vinci Code.
Few years ago, I was in business Class to go to London and everything was fine even if I was scared. Scared of my life at this moment. Everything was going fast. Couldn’t control it. Like if I was spectator of myself. I could see me looking at me looking at the other me. Yes, I know. I wasn’t drunk. Even if I wish.

Nobody can understand what I felt at this moment but the combination between the voice of Tom Hanks, the music, all was “new” to me. I had to listened to it 20 times. I remember.
Promises. A new world, a new position. A new future. In French we could say “des lendemains qui chantent…?”.

Fool of crying even if.

Like a fool I was. My heart was beating, I could listen to it at the same time. Even the pills didn’t make me sleep.

Fool of lying. Even if.

Lier. Like she said “why do you act so stupid?” Donno.

We were 10 people in the business class and I was the most alone on earth at this moment. I think I could have die nobody would have noticed it.

Fool of sadness.

Why do we have always to doubt?

Why can’t I only be just an as*ho*e? Everything will be simpler. Don’t care about you. Don’t care about anything.
Fool of doubt.

And the voice of Tom. And the music is taking me somewhere between Asia and Europe.

Oh shut the f*** up. Sleep.

And forget.