Supporting Japan

I’m a French creative in branding living in #France, it’s my second time in Japan.
I arrived 1st March in Tokyo, to reach my final destination: #Oita (by #Fukuoka).

My first time few years ago was to visit #Tokyo, this time I would like to see more “traditional” Japan.
Far to imagine I will be in the place with #earthquake #地震 #tsunami #津波 に負けるな and #nuclear disaster…

Fortunately for me, Oita is in South of Japan and I didn’t even feel any earthquake myself. However, I feel and I felt so deeply sorry for all the Japanese people who died or lost their beloved ones…

I don’t really care of my personal case; I strongly believe in fate… So anything can happen anywhere basically. Of course I don’t think 1 second of blaming anyone or any country for any disaster, what should happen, happen.

I don’t pretend to understand strong Japanese culture and habits in few weeks, but I was touched by the way that people reacted here, all with dignity, calm, courageously. Certainly the culture or behavior played a strong role here.

I should normally go back in France around 22/26 March if planes are available… That will be just an “au revoir”, I will certainly come back in Japan later. As Japan will rise again.

No doubt on it.

My only regrets are to don’t be as “fortunate” as Rupert #Murdoch or Steve #Jobs or some prince in United Arab Emirates… ; ) and to help with a maximum of money. What can I do myself to help? I feel useless, helpless…

My “only” support will be to return to Japan and to consume/buy products as a tourist…