The limit now is your imagination. Not the softwares…

Here we are.

Now, 2011. Not so long time ago, we could say “Aaahh, no, can’t do this, sorry”.

Not anymore. You want it? Name it! Someone is capable to do the job somewhere…

I want my car to explode and be transformed in a feline. Yes. Of course, here it is Sir:

ShapeShifter from Charlex on Vimeo.

Playmobil Interview…! Second degré.

Ok. Now you will have an idea what French call the “Second degré“…

Made this crazy video, made the music and “lyrics”, part with my iPhone and also the Mac (of course).

What is the idea?
Errr… Well, let’s say the non-communication between creative candidates and the world of HR. I think, sometimes, they are on different planets each of them. Like Aliens.

Who are you? Graphic designer? Creative director? Artistic director? What does this mean? What is your job exactly? What do You Want??